Further Delays

SO its the tenth and I still haven’t posted a new podcast. I’m actually really bothered by that, but sadly its unavoidable. I and my family (including my infant daughter) have all been passing around some kind of chest cold or flu. Everyone else is on the mend, but I still have a chronic cough and chest pains. A chest X-ray has revealed that the viral activity is likely over, and that I’m just dealing with the remains working their way out. I’m currently on medication and should be back up and running shortly.

As soon as I’m able to talk without coughing my head off I already have planned a two part episode for this month. The first part will focus on making space Sci-Fi RPGs easier to run and grasp by focusing on easier to manage space habitats. The second half will be a review segment where I’ll be reviewing “Dungeon Grappling”, “The Faith RPG”, and “The Midderlands”. Each part should be about 45 min, and I’m thinking this may be how I manage the show going forward if it works out.

Speaking of the future of this podcast, I’ve decided that I’m going to likely spend the next few months focusing on ways to make Sci-Fi gaming more accessible. i was recently reading an article “In the Vacuum of Space, Sci-Fi RPGs Suck” over at Post World Games, and I found I couldn’t really argue with all the points he brought up. So I’m going to try to focus, at least for a while, on making science fiction easier to parse and run at the table. I’m going to start with space stations and habitats as an easier to manage environment, but eventually I’d like to touch on dealing with deeply philosophical premises which tend to be at the heart of great sci-fi.

Anyway, I deeply appreciate your interest, and your patience, and I’ll post just as soon as I’m up for it. Thank you.

Sorry for the Delay

This months episode has been slightly delayed. Everyone in my home has been fighting off a chest cold for the last few weeks, and I sound like Doc Holiday at the end of tombstone. I’m going to try and get the episode out by the end of the week. If you are subscribed, thank you, I really appreciate your interest.