Behold the Beholder Fate edition!

They said it couldn’t be done!

Ok, actually they said it shouldn’t be done. Fate, specifically Fate Accelerated Edition, just doesn’t seem a good fit for “Save or Die” magics. Still, after consulting the holy SRD, and more specifically the toolkit section about Monster Zones, I was able to come up with a reasonable way to model the classic Dungeons and Dragons Beholder. I’ve made a few changes to account for the dramatic differences in the way FAE and D&D handle combat, moreover since there is no “Save Vs. Death Ray” in FAE the Death Ray Eye didn’t make much sense, so I’ve replaced it with a Revitalization Ray, this way the Beholder can return his victims to their pre-aspected state should the need arise (Like getting hungry only to find all your opponents are still statues). This is a Fan work and not OGL because I have absolutely no rights to the “Beholder” as while the name is not Copyrightable, the creature is, and the quoted text blocks below are 100% copyrighted by TSR (Now WotC).

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Light the torches! or rather don’t, yeah on second thought lets not.

GM: You enter the 15’x15′ dungeon room, your torchlight dances on the crumbling stone walls revealing the room to be empty.

Player: We fortify the doors and set down camp for the night.

GM: You all die of asphyxiation in the night, choking on the copious smoke from your 13th century pitch soaked torches.

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Camelot in the Warden

I love me some Metamorphosis Alpha, but after having run it I find the rules somewhat lacking. Sure, there are lots of tasty tables in the rulebook, but there really isn’t a conventional system of advancement, or class/skill system to let you differentiate characters of the same race. These are considered features by some, advancement and diversity coming from gear and experiences, but I find it just a bit lacking in a D&D derived game.

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