S01E01 Bubbles in Space

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This month I’m talking about Space Habitats as adventure locations, character background locations, and even campaign locations. Space habitats have alot going for them as an adventure location, they can be as big as needed, self contained, and dramatically culturally divergent, and in a sufficiently advanced society you should have as many as you would ever need.

Going forward I will only be posting teasers for upcoming episodes to Youtube, or content which makes more sense to be video, posting podcast audio to Youtube and Facebook as video hasn’t worked out well for me.

Also I hope the sound quality is a bit better, I’ve tried a few things in Audition instead of Audacity. It sounds a little better to me, but when I was recording the mic (honestly, my phone) moved more than intended. If things work out though I may be getting a big-boy mic sometime soon, so hopefully this’ll be the last time I have these audio issues.

Babylon 5 – a bit about its conceptual origins

McKendree cylinder, and O’Neill Cylinders,

Gene Roddenberry Andromeda

Faith the RPG, Stay tuned for the review this month

Dungeon Grappling, I’ll be reviewing this as well, because whats TOS without some wrestling moves?

Vornheim, great for running fantasy cities on the fly.

The Yorktown was the Star Trek station I was talking about.

Intro Music Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix) by spinningmerkaba (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 

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    1. the basic idea, although the engineering would be reversed. But a “Seaquest” station-to-station type game could not only work, but already exists and its called The Polaris RPG. Haven’t played/read it yet, but it looks interesting.

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