S00E02 Mindjammer’s Cultural Conflicts

In this episode I explain/discuss the cultural conflict system from the Fate edition of Mindjammer, I review the new Core Worlds and Venu sourcebooks for Mindjammer, as well as the new Adversary Toolkit for Fate. I know my previous podcasts have been very OSR/Fantasy focused, but this is Capheind Plays, and Capheind plays a pretty random assortment of games. I’ll usually Idle around Science Fiction and Weird Fantasy though. I hope you like the new format, let me know in the comments, I think I’m going to stick to a segment and some reviews for future podcasts. In the Core Worlds review I mentioned Isaac Arthur, his Youtube Channel is an amazing resource on Futurism.

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All the products I talked about in this episode.
Hearts and Minds– an excellent resource for running Culture Conflicts
The City People – an interesting Infection Horror scenario for Mindjammer.
Mindjammer – if you haven’t picked it up already.
The Core Worlds Sourcebook – Covering the Core of the Commonality.
The Children of Orion Sourcebook – Covering the Aggressor empire and its mad psychic god king.
Fate Adversary Toolkit – A toolkit for running the opposing forces in your fate games.

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