Copy of Ep 4, Religion in RPGs

This was migrated from my old Podcast, TheOSRPodcast.

We talk about Politics in RPGs all the time, so why not faith as it applies to fantasy (or even scifi) world creation? Most of the time we create plenty of gods, but not religions for those gods to inhabit. This long rambling podcast is sort of a dissertation on the why and how of creating fully formed fantasy faiths. I also talk about the religions I’ve been working on for my Sanja Valley setting. I”ve returned to the hour long format, and I have another project that should drop on this podcast in the next month or so. Thanks for listening.

Petty Gods, a really awesome collection of Lesser Gods, I contributed Neco!–Expanded-Edition?affiliate_id=153367

The original book of AD&D Gods.–Demigods-1e?affiliate_id=153367

Some Random Generators for names, structres, etc.

Some details on how Roman Religion actually worked

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