OSR Interviews!

After the first few weeks of doing my OSR Podcast I put out the call out to the OSR community on Google+ for folks who would be interested in talking to me on the show. Being fairly new to podcasting I didn’t really have any clue how I was going to accomplish it, but I was keen to try. Mostly I was keen to have some quick and easy content since it is way easier to pump out a podcast with a guest or co-host than doing a solo act as I intend the podcast to normally be.

Anyway I got a few folks interested in it, and after some experimenting I learned a thing or two. Even though using Hangouts on Air makes for an easy interview platform, it generally sucks, especially as a medium to rip audio from for a podcast. One interview, with glynn of Monkey Blood Designs, was totally unusable. I did find out ow to use Anchor.fm interview system though, and at least for domestic calls, thats the way I”ll be doing interviews from now until I can improve my setup.

Yes, my chat with Steve Grodzicki was strangely sidetracked often with chats about Australia and the US….

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