Copy of Ep 2, The Adventurer Conqueror King one, and Mythic Ireland as a Setting

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Put out my first CapheindPlays #podcast. These #podcasts will replace Ever since I stumbled onto Adventurer Conqueror King I’ve been a bit of a fanboy. Its like they took everything that was awesome about Basic and eXpert, tossed in a couple of good ideas from Advanced, and then worked out all the math to reverse engineer everything. So sorry if it sounds like I’m rambling about the best thing ever. At the end I also propose an interesting Game of Thrones style setting based in Irish Mytho-History.

I recently did three interviews, well four but one turned out unusable, so in addition to the actual “Episode” at the beginning of the week I’ll be releasing 1hr-ish interviews with interesting OSR people throughout the month. I’m really enjoying my “interviews” but they are more like extended chats, so in future months I may release more often but have many of those episodes be with a guest. Its a process of evolution, as they are released please let me know what you think. home of the Adventurer Conqueror King System

Adventurer Conqueror King on

The Book of Invasions

The Book of Ulstermp3

Why Isn’t Irish Mythology More Popular Youtube

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